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Patients sharing any of the complaints below will likely benefit from a sleep study:

Snoring with Apneas
Unrestorative Sleep
Morning Headache
Daytime Somnolence
Falling Asleep while Driving
Drop Attacks or Unexplained Fainting
Difficulty Getting to Sleep
Difficulty Staying Awake
Frequent Awakenings
Abnormal Behaviour During Sleep
Repetitive Leg Movements During Sleep
Feeling of Paralysis
Any other complaint which may be attributed to low sleep quality

For Cardiologists

Systolic or diastolic heart failure + nocturnal symptoms suggestive of sleep related breathing disorders (disturbed sleep, nocturnal dyspnea, snoring)
Systolic or diastolic heart failure and they remain symptomatic despite optimal medical management of congestive heart failure
Coronary artery disease : need to investigate symptoms and signs of sleep apnea
History of stroke or transient ischemic attacks : need to investigate signs of sleep apnea
Significant suspected tachyarrhythmias or bradyarrhythmias : need to investigate symptoms of sleep apnea