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5 star facility

While it would be highly inappropriate to compare physician’s work to that of a travel agent, in case of referring a patient to a sleep lab the physician performs some of the same functions: not only the ultimate goal of caring for the patient’s health is to be achieved, but also caring for patient’s comfort. Would you recommend a three or a five star hotel for the same price? It should not be different with the sleep study. Luxurious premises along with the premium service will have your patients thanking you after they undergo the sleep study at our facility.

Our benefits include:

Either you could download the form or we can set up the EMR to receive referrals directly. Please contact us with the name of your EMR system

We will take care of all patient interaction referred to sleep study

We will keep you updated with timely communication

We will schedule and follow through all necessary steps

We will provide ongoing patient support

We provide access to patient sleep study data