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5 star facility

Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic is known for its highly professional and passionate team of therapists and specialists who will provide outstanding service to the patients. We bring back the emphasis on the word “service” in “healthcare services” on top of the best level of patient care, education and experience. Since 1990 we have honed our service proposal to provide the best possible level of care, and it became even better with the opening of a brand new facility in 2018.

Our Vision

Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic will pioneer the new concept of sleep study with emphasis on the patient, all while delivering the best clinical results.

Our Mission

To make sleep study a desired experience by our patients, to facilitate physicians’ involvement, and to improve lives all around.

Experience the Difference

Five-star hotel environment, Premium Patient Service and Premium physician experience

Join Our Team

Universal Sleep Disorder Clinic always welcomes new members to join our team